Hervey Bay Computer Repair

Hervey Bay Computers specializes in PC repairs.

We offer both desktop repair and laptop repair services to Hervey Bay and the surrounding regions.

Our professional technicians come to you on-site, minimizing any disruptions to your work. This way we can ensure your computer is running correctly before we leave!

Are you experiencing:

  • Speed problems? (Slow to run, or slow to load websites?)
  • Unexpected popups or errors?
  • Viruses or spyware?
  • Unable to run certain programs?
  • Network connection problems?
  • Hardware failure?

Are you unsure of what is wrong with your computer? That’s okay – we can come and diagnose the issue and explain it to you in simple terms so you understand what is going on. We will then explain the recommended solution, and can get you up and running as soon as possible.

We can also assist further than just fixing your PC. Have a look at the range of other services and support that we offer.

No matter what is going on – we can help! So contact us today and one of our experienced technicians can assist you.